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Visual marketing content in our new normal.

If you still need convincing of how utterly vital it is to use well thought out quality visuals like photography and video in any marketing efforts, just do a simple google. Here are two articles I found straight off the bat: HUBSPOT, DIGITAL DOUGHNUT.

Given that, here are 8 things you can be getting on with if you have extra time on your hands. If you don't have time, you will no doubt be involved in reshaping and adapting the company you are part of. The aspects below are still vital to help you to do that.

At the end of the article are some ideas about the uses and messages specific to Covid_19 and the ease out back to active business.

I'm currently helping a couple of local company's with this, sometimes it is helpful to try see the wood for the trees!

What images and videos have you got lurking on your mobile phones, cloud storage and hard drives?

Do you have backups?

Are your images named and in folders (as a minimum) so that you can find what you need easily?

Here is a super helpful article that looks at some of the storage options currently available, whatever your company size: CANTO

Do you know what you have used and when, plus what were the results?

Have you got the appropriate copyright or licensing information recorded?

Do you have streamlined systems for planning, creating, using and evaluating your visual content (this can save you heaps of time down the line)?

What’s your current situation?

When did you last step back and really look at how your company literally looks to potential customers? Be brutally honest of course you can also ask them.

Conduct a visual audit, it really doesn't need to be onerous – here is a link to something that may help:

Visual Healthcheck
Download PDF • 119KB

If you are using a lot of stock imagery, please do take time to see if you can find the images you've used elsewhere - it can be really illuminating! Here is an article that explains that further and how to use reverse image search: WORN OUT WEB

One of the reasons that visuals are one of the most powerful forms of content marketing is their brilliance at super powering your SEO, so maximise that.

Are your images optisimised with keywords, alt-tags and are they sized correctly to keep everything moving quickly?

Here are some links to help guide you:



The new normal. What does it look like? Not as it was (above) that's for sure. Don't include visual marketing in your planning at your peril.

Have you specified it in your Marketing Plan?

How can you use visual marketing to maximise your ROI?

If you know you are going to need specific content for campaigns, get your designs sorted so that you have a series done and ready to post.

Where might you need professional help with this, what can you do in-house and how?

Look at how you will measure results – google analytics, channel analytics, scheduling tools

Basically, get your act together and have some systems in place.

It honestly does cut right through the noise and plethora of stuff you have on your plate once you've done these things.

Ok so having fun may not be your immediate reaction to all of this, just because it's mine! Like any creative process though, many people have a negative reaction to the need to create visual content. Start with what you enjoy - or if you have a team, what they lean towards naturally. For instance, if you have a love of anything to do with stats then look at the analytics, maybe focus on infographics more.

If you are a big company and are really not looking at in-house design creation, then it is still highly beneficial to get your head round what is possible and how it works. Also I would argue that every single company has a need for in-house visual content creation, even if it is just for internal use. Think:

Live video



Where to source free stuff

Where to source paid stuff

Video editing

Photo editing

Taking better content in-house

Source the right partners to work with

Try some new stuff like cinemagraphs, how to do tiktok’s, create gifs….

If you can't get hold of new imagery, can you repurpose what you already have?

Look at your audit – can you create or source anything to fill the right gaps?

Message ideas for now

These are for internal and external comms:

Health & Safety:

Illustrate how you are adapting internally (to staff and suppliers) with a short video or

use photography like in this brilliant example: CONSTRUCTION NEWS

Create posters for internal use as reminders about the issues

Build confidence: show clients examples of your company ethos - maybe by illustrating how you are adapting the sales process

Virtual meetings: How about bespoke backgrounds, make some explainer videos or screen sharing

Online presence: Schedule content that is vibrant, articulate, active, responsive, confident

Your story: how did your company respond and what is your individual story? This can be for internal use, board members or maybe some good old fashioned PR

Health Warning

If you are using stock, which may be handy at the moment, beware getting sidetracked and not using visuals that are on-brand and have the right tone and message for you. I searched in Canva Pro for Covid 19 video and this is an example of how a visual asset may seem harmless but has completely the wrong tone for most of us in business!

If you need support and advice with any of the above, then contact Susi to see what we can do.

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